SPIsys is an online GIS (Geographic Information System) and provides users with up-to-date data in an interactive environment. SPIsys enables the Spatial Planning and Land Use Management Act by ensuring information for integrated Spatial Planning is available to those who use it. It is accessible anywhere in the world via the Internet. The system enables SDFs (Spatial Development Frameworks on National, Provincial, Regional and Local levels), LUS (Land Use Schemes) and fully automate the development application process.


To provide for national Land Use Management, Spatial Planning and Spatial Information Systems.


Provisioning of a legislative, institutional and technical skills support to regulate land use management, spatial planning and spatial information management within the public and private sectors.

Strategic Objectives:

Provisioning of efficient land use and land administration services.


The Directorate: Spatial Planning and Land Use Management Services Free State is responsible for establishing an effective and efficient system of spatial planning, land use management and a spatial information framework to support development of all spheres of government in the Free State.


Gain access to the latest Surveyor General Data and SG Diagrams with measurement tools, map export functions, different base maps and a powerful search function.

Register on SPIsys to gain access to the  Public view, where you can view all latest Surveyor General data in a GIS Enviroment.

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SPIsys is the vision of the Department of Rural Development and Land Reform, in partnership with the Free State and Northern Cape Provincial and Local Governments. The main goal is to honor the National Department‘s responsibility in terms of the Spatial Planning and Land Use Management Act. The SPIsys project enables SDFs (Spatial Development Frameworks on National, Provincial, Regional and Local levels), LUS (Land Use Schemes) and fully automate the development application process.

User roles & responsibilities with accountability

Master Indicator Management

Full Integration for spatial & a/n data

Managed business processes


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Real-time information sharing

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The SPIsys project provides two solutions:

Public View: Land Information (Diagrams, General Plans). Photography (Satellite Imagery, Hybrid Imagery, Aerial Photography, Relief Imagery). Public data from government departments to add value to you project layout.

SPIsys Government View: Data Repository with real time links. Planning System. Interactive routing of information and planning cycles and Executive Reporting.


Public documents are available to download for all users and visitors. Click on the files or folders below or search for a specific document that you want to download.


Project Management Team:

Free State Spatial Planning Services:

Fanie Minnie

Tel: (051) 410 5800

Fax: (086) 548 3919 



Pula Consulting Team Leader: 

Arno Otterman

Tel: (082) 417 8033


For System related queries: 


Tel: (082) 682 6142


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GIS Technologist: Relebogile "Elle" Goitsemodimo

Office: 051 410 5800

Elle is currently working in the SPLUM (Spatial Planning and Land Use Management) branch in Bloemfontein. She is a registered GISc Technologist (G0913) with PLATO. Relebogile holds a B.A Degree in Geography and Environmental Management and B.A Honours Degree in Anthropology, which she obtained from the University of the Free State. She is currently studying towards completing her Masters Degree in Geography. She has academic background in various fields of Human, Social and Natural Sciences. Relebogile is also a member of the executive committee of GISSA Free State.

Candidate Town Planning and Regional Planner

 Dries Goosen

Office: 051 410 5800

Dries Goosen obtained his B. Art et Science (Planning) degree in Urban and Regional Planning at the North-West University, Potchefstroom (Cum Laude).He is currently completing his master’s degree in Urban and Regional Planning at the same university, published an article in the Special Planning Africa Edition of the peer-reviewed South African Planning Journal and presented at the Planning Africa Conference 2012; his research focusing on the influence that public participation has in the field of urban and regional planning. He also completed various courses in Project Management and GISc.

He is registered with SACPLAN as a Professional Planner (A/1737/2013), a member of GISSA Free State and is the current Chairperson for the South African Planning Institute in the Free State Province. He has private sector experience working as a town and regional planner for an urban development consultant company, before joining the Spatial Planning and Land Use Management Services Directorate in April 2012. His current responsibilities include overall programme management, municipal land use planning, spatial policy formulation, planning law, planning research, rural development and planning support.

Candidate Planner

 Kerileng Daniels

Office: 051 410 5800

Kerileng obtained a Bachelors degree in Town and Regional Planning at the University of Pretoria in 2011. She has private sector experience and joined the Spatial Planning and Land Use Management Services (SPLUMS) team at Department of Rural Development and Land Reform (DRDLR) in April 2012. She is currently a Candidate Planner, and is registered with SACPLAN as a Professional Planner.

Chief Town and Regional Planner

 Danie Schoeman

Office: 051 410 5800

Danie is a Registered Professional Town and Regional Planner (SACPLAN) working in the 3 spheres of the public sector for the past 25 years. He holds a Master’s degree in Town and Regional Planning, a BA Hons Degree in Urban Geography a BA degree majoring in Mathematics and Geography, and a Higher Educational Diploma, all obtained from the University of the Free State (UFS). He also holds a National Diploma in Property Valuation obtained from UNISA. His passion for the profession is characterised by his involvement with the SA Planning Institute (SAPI) by chairing the Free State and Northern Cape Branch and served on the National Board for 4 years. He has attended and addressed various national and international (Perth, Australia and Perm, Russia) planning conferences where original research was presented. He also published an article and a book review in peer reviewed journals. His hobby is swimming and he has completed the Midmar Mile in KZN 20 times and also competes annually at SA Masters Swimming Champs for the past 8 years.

Please contact him for planning support and assistance.

Control GISc Technologist:

Kirsten Jacobs

Office: 051 410 5800   

Kirsten is a Control GISc Technologist, currently working in the SPLUMS (Spatial Planning and Land Use Management Systems) Offices in Bloemfontein. Kirsten holds a B.A Degree in Geography and Environmental Management, a B.A Honours Degree in Geography (GIS) and Environmental Management, as well as a Masters Degree in Geography (GIS). All of these were obtained from the University of the Free State. She is enthusiastic and working towards starting her way to obtaining her Doctorate degree in Geographic Information Science (GIS). She is a registered GISc Technologist with PLATO and is in the process of obtaining her Practitioner status in GISc. She has 6 years of private sector working experience, which was mainly in the Engineering arena, although she is well equipped with Environmental Management knowledge, as well as Business Management skills, GIS is her passion. Her responsibilities include providing technical support on appropriate GIS software and techniques, to aid spatial planning and rural development. Acquire, manage and distribute spatial information to aid spatial planning and rural development. Produce reports and maps. As well as support the management of GIS servers, GIS licenses and systems development. She is also a member of GISSA Free State.

Candidate GISc Professional

Pumza Siqiti

Office: 051 410 5800

Pumza is a Candidate GISc Professional under the SPLUM (Spatial Planning and Land Use Management) branch in Bloemfontein. She holds a Bachelor of Science Honours degree in Applied Remote Sensing and GIS and a Bachelor of Science degree majoring in GIS and Geology from the University of Fort Hare. Prior to joining the SPLUMS directorate, she was employed by the Provincial Department of Environmental Affairs and Development Planning in Western Cape as a Candidate GIS Technician and has also worked as a GIS Specialist Intern for the Western Cape Nature Conservation Board. She has a proven commitment to the field of GIS as shown by her years of experience within different organizations.  She is currently in the process of upgrading her registering with PLATO.

Candidate GIS Technologist

 Sandy Mukondeleli Mufamadi

Office: 051 410 5800


Sandy is registered with PLATO as Professional GISc Practitioner (PGP 1307). She holds a BSc Environmental Geography and BSc Hons. Geography from the University of Free State & is currently busy with her MSc. Geography at the same institution, majoring in GIS. Before joining the department she was working at the University of Free State for the Soil Science department as a Research Assistant and tutor and she also worked at the Geography department as a GIS and Human Geography tutor. She first joined the then SPI FS (now SPLUMS) team in 2011 as a GIS intern and returned again in 2013 as a Candidate GISc Technologist in Training. After completing her internship year she joined the private sector and worked as independent GIS Contractor for PULA Strategic Resource Management and also worked for YB Mashalaba and Associate Consultant as a GIS Specialist. Apart from academics and profession she is actively involved with ACCESS habitable planet nationally and locally and is a member of GISSA, SAGS and SSSSA.

GISc Intern

 Verno Andries Ferreira

Office: 051 410 5829

Verno obtained his B.Sc.IT(GIS) as well as B.Sc Honors in Geography degree at the University of the Free State, with majors in Geography and Information Technology. He is currently completing his masters degree in Town and Regional planning under the supervision of Dr. Campbell. The study consists of building a Sustainable Investment Model (SIM) that uses 100+ spatial indicators which are weighted and layered to calculate investment space in terms of environmental, social and economic aspects. Verno joined SPLUMS in May 2014 and is currently registered as Professional in Training with PLATO.

GISc Practioner

 Walter Smit

Office: 051 410 5800

Walter is a registered Professional GISc Practitioner (PLATO). He has been working in the GIS industry for the past 15 years. He holds a Masters degree in Geography and Environmental Science from the University of Stellenbosch, specialising in GIS and Remote Sensing. Before joining DRDLR in 2014, he has been a GIS consultant working on a wide range of projects covering many disciplines like engineering, environmental science, healthcare, transport, municipal utilities, agriculture and others.

His areas of expertise include Free and Open Source Software (FOSS), various proprietary enterprise GIS based utility systems, SPISYS, remote sensing, GIS data management, GPS based data capture and spatial modelling. He does make ugly maps.

Assistant Town and Regional Planner

Xolani V Johanne

Office: 051 410 5800

Xolani is currently a Planning Assistant via a Belgium donor funding project under the department of Rural Development; he joined the department in November 2013 under the Spatial Planning and Land Use Management directorate. He holds a Bcom degree in Statistics and an honors degree in Economics from the University of the Free State and hoping to register for masters soon.

Professional Town and Regional Planner

 Zouna Meades

Office: 051 410 5800

Zouna studied Architecture and graduated with a degree in 2007, she continued with a honours and Masters degree in Urban and Regional Planning at the University of the Free State, graduating with a Masters degree in 2009.  The research for her thesis was presented at a Conference in Venice, Italy and published in the International Journal of Constructed Environment (Volume 2, Issue 1, 2011 United States of America).  In 2012 she pursued her passion for design and graduated with a diploma from The Interior Design Institute.  

She is a registered Professional Planner with SACPLAN, committee member of SAPI Free State and Northern Cape and part of the executive committee for GISSA Free State.  She has extensive experience in strategic planning in the private sector and also worked in property development for 2 years.




According to the SDI Act, each set has a custodian and we are only bringing the data together for planning purposes and do in no way take the responsibilities from the official owner of each set and the rules pertaining to the data as dictated to us by the owner of the set. Click on the link below to see a list of our data sets.

  • Ridged lines
  • Hydrology
  • River Systems
  • Dams
  • Catchments areas
  • Conservation Areas
  • River Conservation Status
  • Bio diversity
  • Eco-system status
  • CBS's
  • ESA's
  • Wetlands
  • Vegetation
  • Vegetation Type
  • Impact zones eg fires
  • Human settlement influences
  • Conservation and Heritages
  • Provincial Nature Reserves
  • Private Nature Reserves
  • LM Nature Reserves
  • National Heritages Sites & Conservancies
  • Agriculture
  • Valuable agriculture areas under threat
  • Soil capability and land use options
  • Land required for food security
  • Mining and mine status
  • Environmental Affairs
  • Land cover base data

  • Land Information e.g. Diagrams, General Plans, Survey Records (Registered Land Surveyors only)
  • Photography e.g. Satellite Imagery, Hybrid Imagery, Aerial Photography, Relief Imagery
  • Data from Government Departments to add value to you project layout
  • NGI
  • NGI 1:50 000 topographic base data (uploaded & linked)
  • NGI vector topo 1:50 data (opt ain & upload)
  • NGI 1:250 000 topographic base data (uploaded & linked)
  • Aerial photos 0.5m including 2011 project (obtain & upload)
  • Spot data series all years
  • Surveyor General
  • LG cadastral layers linked in real time
  • Geology and Soils
  • Geological base data
  • Soil Depths
  • Soil Capabilities
  • Weather SA
  • Climate base data
  • Wind direction per town
  • Min/Max Temperatures
  • Annual Rainfall (Summer / Winter)
  • Weather Warnings Live link
  • Topology & Slopes
  • Topography
  • Slopes

  • Land use base data
  • Existing SDF’s
  • Statistics SA (LM/DM/Province)  & Stats as made available during the project lifecycle
  • Census of commercial agriculture 2002
  • Financial information
  • Production information
  • Community Survey 2007
  • Households
  • DC
  • Municipality
  • Province
  • Persons
  • DC
  • Municipality
  • Province
  • Development indicators
  • Economic indicator
  • Size indicator
  • Social indicator
  • Economic and Social series
  • Building stats
  • Civil cases for debt
  • Consumer Price Index -  (COICOP) (Base 2008=100) with secondary areas






Professional GIS Practitioner:

Fanie Minnie

Office: 051 410 5800   

Mr. Minnie has been working in the GIS industry for the past 26 years, 20 years in the private industry and the past 6 years with the National Department. Mr. Minnie and his team are responsible to implement the Spatial Planning and Land Use Management Act 16 of 2013 and mainly focus on supporting Municipalities and Provincial Government to implement and monitor the act.

He holds a BSc Hons in Geography from the University of the Free State, majoring in GIS with a Postgraduate Diploma in GIS from University of Pretoria, UNIGIS program. Further to his GIS experience he has extensive experience in the utility environment in terms of ICT, electricity, water and related disciplines.

Secretary to the Director

 Molefe Tsupane

Office: 051 410 5800


Molefe holds a Secretary post with experience in admin for the past seven years. He joined the Public Service in March 2006 working as Admin Clerk at the Free State Department of Education. He then later joined the National Department of Rural Development and Land Reform in April 2013, working as Secretary to the Director for Spatial Planning and Land Use Management Services in Free State.

Admin Officer

Siphesihle Fodo

Office: 051 410 5800

Siphesihle Fodo obtained her B.Tech Degree in Public Management at the Central University of Technology. She joined the Department of Rural Development and Land Reform as an Intern in the Office of Support Section at the Shared Service Centre in April 2011. She is currently the Admin Officer of Spatial Planning Services in the Free State Province responsible for overall administration of the office.

Deputy Director General:

DR. NP Makgalemele

Secretary - K van Schalkwyk
224 Church Street, 
Private bag x 833 
Room 801 Capital Towers

Pretoria Gauteng 0001

South Africa

012 312 9834/ 012 312 9851

012 323 4516


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